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Commercial: how to do it


I’ve never believed in different types of photography, with different requirements and rules. Nor that there is a big difference between shooting a product campaign and a wedding. Either way, it’s all about telling a story.


When talking commercial photography, we must bear in mind the environment in which we’re working, which is no longer that of print media and showcase websites. Today communication goes through social media. And on social media emotions count more than glossy images.

What matters is being able tell something with a photo. That’s why I see no difference with wedding photography.

I always try to now as such as I can about the history of the brands and companies I work with, discovering their philosophy. This is valuable information in order to better understand how to represent that business reality in a photo and what is really important to communicate through images.

I firmly believe that revealing itself in an authentic way is the right key to emerge in today’s market, which is now saturated with offers. Customers no longer purchase just a product, they increasingly embrace a set of values shared with the brand they choose. So why fall for the usual images, when you can convey so much with the right photography?

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