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Your most beautiful day


The experience counts as much as the end result


When talking about wedding and photography, we all think about the final product: how many images will be delivered? How long will it take to get the gallery? Don’t get me wrong, these are all useful and legitimate questions, but they don’t consider an indispensable point: before the gallery, before albums and prints, you should take into account the experience you are going to live during your wedding day.


Common vision, connection, trust. These are the starting points that I look for, the ones I want to share with my couples.

To me, photos are like mirrors that reflect realty in a shot. They can witness happiness and love, but if you don’t trust the person who follow you all day around with a camera - especially in such an intimate event - your gallery will show that.

Your photographer is one of the most present vendors, that will be close to you all day long; from the very beginning of your getting ready, even in the intimacy of your home, until your last dance at the end of the day.

That’s why it is so important for you to feel at ease.


I think he secret for a perfect wedding is to surround yourself with the right suppliers, who can direct the event, so that you have nothing left to think about except experiencing every moment, every emotion.

Without worrying about timing and logistics, plans A and plans B. Without having to think about when to take couple photos or in which location, and how to organize group photos. Without having to ask yourself what might be the best pose or what is your most photogenic side.

This is why I always make sure that my couples know they can count on me on their wedding day, on my expertise and experience. My job isn't just to take pictures, but to find the right backgrounds and the right light at the right times, to tell you the right thing to make you laugh, so as to erase the embarrassment in front of the lens.

My job is to tell about you and your wedding. You will only have to live an unforgettable day.


The answers you want


How will the wedding day be planned?

Even though I mostly have a photo-journalistic approach, I’ll always be there to help you in organizing your wedding day and the shots, either the group ones or the couple ones. I’ll be sure to know all your needs and wishes in order to create the best timeline of the day, the one that fits perfectly for you.

How long does it take to get our photos after the wedding?

I know I know, after the wedding day you literally can’t wait to see all the photos! I’ll promise to be as quick as possibile, but remember that editing is a key part of my work and deserves time and care.
In any case, the delivery is guaranteed within 4 months from your wedding.

How many photos will we receive?

Every wedding is different therefore it’s impossibile to put a specific number; depending on the hours of coverage it will always be a guaranteed minimum, but regardless of that, I’ll make a careful selection and I’ll make sure to deliver you as many memories as I can of your special day.

My final selection will cover every moment of the wedding, with both color and black&white photos.

How and how much do you edit the photos?

As you can see from the images, my editing technique is minimal but effective. Editing is a vital part of my work, it makes images speak, it enhances them. Of course a great shoot is the starting point and I always check on lights and shadows and the right angle.

Then with editing I bring out all the good stuff: I mostly correct technical aspects and I use Photoshop to ensure there won’t be ant kind of imperfection in the final images.

How can we book you for our wedding?

It’s super easy! I usually schedule a chat over a coffee (also via Google Meet of course!): it’s important for us to connect and like each other as personalities before we move forward. Once we agree on all the details, we sign the contract and your date is officially reserved in my calendar.

How will we receive our photos?

You’ll receive all the images, high res. edite, through email to an online private gallery password protected. You will be able to download and save all the photos on your pc and share them with family and friends.


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